Reiki Treatments

An Ancient Science

Treatments are carried out in a nurturing environment. The atmosphere is calm, relaxing and totally supportive.

Although it is mostly "Hands on", there is no need to undress, except to remove your shoes.

I work with the energy around and within the body, but I will always let you know, gently, where I am.

Most clients totally relax and may fall asleep, if this is what is needed. It will not hinder the process at all.

Reiki is 100% safe and works with the whole of you, not just on the body. It will not conflict with any medication which you may be taking, in fact it will enhance it.

Your wellbeing is my sole concern.

Treatments usually last 1 hour.

Initial visit usually lasts 1.30 so that details may be taken.

Cost £40.00 

Reiki Treatment